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Public relations life lessons from a student who is still in the trenches.

Remember to be Happy that you’re Engaged! March 9, 2007

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PR Life Lesson #89 (By engaged I mean busy…Leo and I are not, I repeat, not engaged… But it is fun to give my mom a mini-heart attack.)

           It seems like every week in the Kent JMC program is hectic and busy. But this week seemed particularly brutal… the stress was mostly dread induced… becausetroll hunter I know next week will be insanely busy.  

            I started to feel like I was losing my mind this week. I completely forget about a hall council meeting, and I lost my glasses and calculator. (Although I am convinced that I did not lose my glasses and calculator. I know logically I probably lost them in my cluttered room. But other scenarios need to be considered. Like for example a small mythological creature like a  troll could have crept into my room and snatched my calculator and glasses. Everyone knows that trolls have very bad eye sight… and are horrible at math.)

             Anyways…to the point. I survived the week and right now I am all Zen. I have rationalized the stress. So here is my pep talk (you will need this at some point):

             Junior and senior year are kind of like PR boot camp. It’s stressful and at times makes you cry. But it also toughens us up. It produces sharp communicators and strong writers. It forces us to face our fears (like calling strangers). Kent State gives us real world skills. The program allows us to walk into a first job/internship with confidence.

             The hectic schedule is worth it because it has a purpose. It will make life after graduation easier because we will be prepared. I know it’s hard but it is really important to be happy that you’re engaged. Busy is good. Even if it doesn’t always seem to be at the time.

               And trust me stepping back and remembering what you are really getting out of college helps to keep your life in check. And be happier!


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