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BYOB! March 23, 2007

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PR Life Lesson # 5 (Even though it is so close to spring break, “BYOB” does not refer to “bring your own beer” in this case “BYOB” means “bring your own BRAIN!”

         I know this sounds like a harsh lesson but lately I’ve listened to some of my classmates with shocked disbelief. I am amazed at how people are handling the internship requirement for our major. So I think the lesson is worth sharing.

        Throughout the year I have heard people talk about internships and I have found most students lack the healthy fear that I have. (I know I am neurotic but it isn’t a factor here.) Some students don’t seem to mind that their lack of internship is going to push their graduation back a semester. Maybe my college experience hasn’t included enough of the first type of “BYOB” but I am ready to graduate– on time.

        So for any one else that feels the same way, I have some “use your brain” tips in order to get an internship. (Now I should add that I haven’t technically obtained an internship yet. That will hopefully change over break. But these tips just make sense to me, and I suggest you use them if they make sense to you.)

Internship Tips:

  • Start researching early. (If you want a summer internship pick at least 5 realistic places by January.)
  • Take time to create and edit a solid resume and coverletter. (I would complete this by February. This was hard for me; I suggest to set aside more time then you anticipate.
  • Apply to multiple places. (Everyone is applying for the dream job and only one person will get it. I hope you get it, but play it safe and assume you won’t.)
  • If it’s your first internship consider unpaid positions. (I know we all want money, but often the experience is more valuable . Plus unpaid positions are often less competitive, which increases your chances as well.)
  • After you apply call to check on your application. (A mild amount of stalking is necessary. Companies want “go-getters”. If you can’t be an advocate for yourself, how could possibly champion their causes?)

         Do what you want with these tips. They just make sense to me. I’ll let you know how successful they are after my interviews over spring break.


One Response to “BYOB!”

  1. Michele Ewing Says:


    You raised a good point. There’s no need to procrastinate with finding an internship. We (PRKent) sometimes have more internship opportunities than students. Seek the advice of your PR professors. We can help.

    Also, take advantage of Kent PRSSA. Our chapter hosts a range of speakers who share advice on writing cover letters and resumes and preparing for interviews. Students also may meet a PR professional who is looking for an intern. Just last week at the PRSSA meeting, the speaker invited students to apply for a corporate internship. Students need to make time to network with PR professionals. This is key to landing the “dream” internship or job.

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