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Family comes first April 15, 2007

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PR life lesson #1243 ( life lesson #1)

WARNING: this entry extremely sappy and lacks my usual sharp wit. Please be advised and act accordingly. 

       This week has been tough and for once the stress hasn’t been from college. Some of my family and friends have had to face challenging events and hard decisions this week. And I had to drop everything in my life to be there for them because that’s what you do for family. I offered my support and love in every way I could.

       So I missed a few school deadlines this week, which is shocking for me (I NEVER turn things in late). But what is even more shocking is that I don’t mind. I will take the consequences in stride because in my heart I know I did the right thing. I wasn’t a great student this week, but I was a genuinely good person.

        I often forget this lesson despite the fact that it is so important. The lesson that in life family comes first. I let school take number one priority and have a heart attack if I don’t get an A on a test. But deep down I still know what truly matters: family.

        I have an amazing life because of my family and friends. Nothing gives me more joy then laughing with them. If I never become professionally successful, they will still love me, which is a huge comfort. School and work are important, but they will never be the most important things in my life.  Chase your dreams and accomplish wonderful feats. Just don’t forget what life is really about.


Don’t Be Afraid To Use Your Grandma! February 7, 2007

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PR Life Lesson #37   (No– this is not a ‘how to’ in Grandma-labor)

            I, like many PR juniors and seniors at Kent State, have been scrambling to find a summer internship. In theory this task would be easy…  Bill sends out information on internship opportunities to the PR majors listserv practically everyday. So all I really have to do is pick a few and send out my resume. Right? Wrong… 1) I’m finicky. I can’t just pick an internship all willy nilly. It has to feel like a right fit to me. 2) I live in Chippewa, PA, so most of listserv opportunities are just too far away to work for me.

            So I have set off on a lovely magical adventure this semester called “let’s find Emily an internship.” I scoured the Web, asked professors for direction and basically tried all the typical ways to find an internship. I found ONE internship that fit my picky standards. Needless to say I had to find other internships to apply to so I frantically began using everyone and everything I could think of. This is how I stumbled upon my greatest internship resource: Grandma.

          Actually, not just Grandma, but my whole family. I mentioned my need of a summer internship once, and my mom and Grandma swooped in. My mom asked her friends about which local businesses offer internships. She got me contact information for two places and helped me get my foot in the door (we live in a small community…you ALWAYS know someone). My grandma put the word out on the ‘grandma-network’. She gave me two great internship leads too. Plus she suggested I look into the health care industry, which I never would have thought of on my own. My uncle was even able to give me a few recommendations.

            I went from ONE internship possiblity to SIX with the help of my family. I am not writing this to brag… yes, my grandma is better than yours, but that is besides the point. The point is use all your resources, especially your family! My family might be a little foggy on what PR people actually do, but it dosn’t matter. They still had personal connections and insightful suggestions. PR is all about building relationships and communication. So when you’re looking for an internship (or doing a number of other things) don’t forget to take advantage of the relationships you’ve already built!!